The Border

I am comparing and telling about two different perspectives about making the border safer. The two people that are telling their opinion on making the border safer is Mr.Cortez which is the Mayor of McAllen, Tex. and Ms. Vaughan who’s a director at the Center for Immigration Studies. Mr. Cortez wants us all to, “focus on the hundreds who want to harm us, not the thousands who will help.” What he means by this is that if we don’t worry about the ones who will try to harm us, then we are mainly letting them hurt us instead of fighting back. He wants you to know that we already know there are people on our side no matter what the problem is. All Mr. Cortez wants is for the thousands of immigrants who are undocumented to have legal means to be able to enter our country, and become U.S. residents. To do the opposite of what they are doing now and stop trying to add more officers and build more barriers because no matter what they do they will find a way in. Mr. Cortez know’s that immigrants have an unnecessary fear of our country. 

Now on the other hand Ms.Vaughan, she obviously wants immigration because of when she states that, “The border is more secure now than five years ago”. She obviously wants there to be barriers, guards, etc. and I know this because of when she say’s, ” Finish the fences and provide more layers of security, including interior checkpoints, transportation-focused interdiction, workplace enforcement”. Ms.Vaughan must think that there should be more security no matter how much it costs, but she doesn’t see how much it hurts the immigrants. She thinks that safety’s more important when they are just waisting money on things that’s unnecessary. They could be giving with all the money they are about to waist than waisting it then giving rights to the immigrants, which I strongly feel will be passed.

Now, the person I strongly agree with is Mr.Cortez. In fact, I think everything he’s saying in his speech is right. All he is trying to do is take up for the immigrants and to give them their rights. I want everyone to be equal and according to what he is saying he does to.




Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida, ruffled some conservative feathers on Sunday after telling Fox News that he believes immigrants who illegally enter the United States to seek work and support their families are performing “an act of love.”

The statement, made during an on-stage interview with Fox News host Shannon Bream at an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the presidency of George H.W. Bush, held at his Presidential Library, comes as speculation mounts about the younger Bush’s 2016 presidential prospects.

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So, Republicans are pissed with his declaration that some immigrants who come here are doing so out of love for their families.

Right…what exactly are they angry about? Are they angry that we see immigrants as people who come here for reasons other than smuggling drugs and committing crime? Are they angry that this debate becomes about people and families? 

Maybe they would rather this debate just focus on how high a fence, how many jail cells, and other numbers that take away from the real faces, names, and motives that make up today’s immigrants.